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Just popping in quick from work to link to two different blog posts I thought were particularly insightful: first, Tiger Beatdown has a post on curating safe(r) spaces in online comment threads, which among other things, links to this fantastic the origins of Devil's Advocacy, and how it has been twisted.

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::thumbs up:: Interesting article and yesssss on the Devil's Advocate thing. So often it's used as a way to use increasingly offensive arguments without actually having the balls to position yourself with those views.

The only point I remain skeptical about is not allowing certain kinds of commenters (such as non-disabled in a disabled discussion) and still expecting to learn from it. I mean, great if it's a space for a certain group, but most people are less interested in discussion they cannot participate in and if it's a space specifically for a group they're not a part of, it's not a space for them. Which is as it should be, because the group needs its own safe space, I just think expecting people who can't participate to still look and learn from the discussion gives most people too much credit.

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Okay so I skimmed the tiger beat down at work... did I read that right? It's okay for a non-Muslim to write an article on and mod the comments of a Muslim issue but god forbid you weigh in on a disabled issue if your not disabled? What did misread?

The devils advocate one is very good.

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Me too. I worked a normal shift the last two days. How do people go to work at 8? auuug