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David Bowie & Me (in a collection of random thoughts)

When I was little, I required a lullaby in order to go to sleep. My parents were fairly traditional, but my oldest brother was an adolescent boy, and so when he was required to fill in, his song of choice was Space Oddity. It shouldn't be a surprise that David Bowie became the most important musical influence of my life.

I spent a year of my life living in London, and at first it was fairly hard to get to know people. I met my closest friend because I spent 16 hours camping out to get David Bowie tickets, and Philip was the guy behind me in line. We used to spend at least one weekend a month hitting the markets and Berwick Street looking for Bowie rarities and bootlegs, and fighting over our finds.

Speaking of that concert, it was the most amazing show I've ever seen. Camping out landed me sixth row center stage tickets (better than first row would have been, because I was on eye level with Bowie, instead of below him). It was the 30th anniversary of Ziggy Stardust, and it was held at the Hammersmith Odeon, the theatre where he'd famously killed Ziggy off. Bowie played for three hours, and the only break he took was 5 minutes between the regular set and the encore, during which time he drank water and changed his suit. He was incandescent that entire time, and I screamed myself hoarse.

I think I've probably seen Labyrinth about 200 times in my life. Possibly more.

I'm on my second copy of the Best of Bowie DVD collection. I didn't even know you could wear out a DVD until I could no longer get my favorite videos to play.

My first tattoo was Bowie related- the Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt in a circle. It wasn't particularly well planned or executed, but I have no regrets. Maybe one of these days I'll expand and improve upon it.

I've seen Bowie in concert four times, and I had always hoped to increase that number. I did get to see him in three different countries, at least- here in the US, in London (as mentioned above), and also once in Canada.

On most days, my favorite Bowie album is Outside, and my favorite song is The Motel from that album. On some days, it is any number of other Bowie songs, and I've had a lot of different favorite Bowie albums over the years.

When I was learning how to drive, I'm Afraid of Americans was getting a lot of radio play. I used to get in radio wars with my dad, as he was NOT a fan of the song. The compromise became that if I was in the driver's seat, we got to listen to it. If he was, the radio got turned off. Despite the fact that he was never much of a fan, my dad sent me a very nice message when he heard the news.

It's very sad and disconcerting to wake up in a world that no longer has David Bowie working and playing and making music, but as was pointed out yesterday, the world is 4.54 billion years old, so it's pretty amazing that I got to be alive alive for several of the same decades as David Bowie, and I am very grateful.