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A graphics poll, with some general icon questions, and some very specific.

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::waves at all the new friends from the Doctor Who friending meme::

I figured to say hey to all the new folks, I'd start off with an Eight/Paul McGann picspam of love.

Eight: the Oncoming Pretty )

Also, I'm working on a multi-era Who icon post, and I've been doing several multi-era icons like my Eight/Rose one in this post. I figured I'd check if anyone had any multi-era Doctor and/or companion requests. Always wanted an icon of Four and Rose, Eight and Nine, et al? Let me know, and I'll give it a shot.
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I usually start looking for good pictures for icons quite a long while in advance of making said icons, and today, I was looking through my usual image source sites for good Doctor Who pics. And really, every time I look at Seventh Doctor pictures, I have to wonder just exactly what it was like behind the scenes for Sylvester, Sophie, et al because a good 60% of their pictures are of them cracking up and/or doing ridiculous things. Not a single other Doctor seemed to have anywhere near as much fun. Not even Tom Baker, who apparently was drunk a good portion of the time.

And so, a small picspam of some of the images that made me go "WTF?" or just generally crack up, for my fellow Whovian fans. Trust me, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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