Sep. 9th, 2009 05:31 pm
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It's 9/9/09, which must mean that it is Ninth Doctor Day! Let's hear it for leather jackets, Northern accents, chips, sarcasm, and noses with special powers.

To celebrate, nine screencaps of Nine from "Rose".

Lots of planets have a North )
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It's no secret that "The End of the World" is one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes, and that the Nine & Rose photos from EOTW = LOVE. While browsing though Tragical History Tour, I discovered that there were some new photos from said shoot, so of course I felt compelled to add the new to my old favorites, and make a picspam.

Because Nine and Rose are just too adorable (and gorgeous) to resist.
There's me... )
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My hosts aren't home, and the idea of doing my classwork just isn't particularly appealing at the moment. I think it might be time to do another Chris picspam.

I think you need a Doctor )
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I just can't help myself. Erika and I were talking about the upcoming G.I. Joe movie, and I felt compelled to post another Eccleston picspam.

lots of planets have a North )
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With all the insanity of the S4 finale, I feel like the Ninth Doctor's been a bit neglected. And so, another Chris/Nine picspam.

There are angels in your angles )
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I accidentally spoiled myself on some end of series four/beginning of series five Doctor Who speculations, and they left me rather unhappy. To repair my damaged psyche, I'm doing a rather large Nine/Chris Eccleston picspam, as (no offense to the other Doctors/actors, I do love you all!) he is far and away my favorite Doctor.

Gotta love a docs & leather jacket wearing, smouldering, intense blue eyed Doctor from the North )


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